Customizing the Job Application Form

With VIVAHR, you have the ability to control what information your applicants are required to submit when applying for your roles.

For example, you may want to require that your candidates submit a resume but prefer to make a cover letter optional. With our customizable application form, you can specify which application materials you would like your candidates to include.

The application form can be edited in the Settings section of your job posting.

To edit the form, open one of your job postings and click the Settings tab at the top.

Scroll down to the section that says Application Form.

This is where you will customize the fields on your application form for that job.

Name and email address will always be required.

You will have three different options for the remaining fields:

  • Required - Candidate will be required to include this information
  • Optional - Candidate will have the option to include this information but it will not be required
  • Off - This field will not be included on the application form

Select an option for each field by clicking on the one you would like. You will see a blue box around your choice once it's been selected.

When all updates have been made, click Next to continue editing your job posting or Publish if you're ready to publish the changes.

You should now see these changes reflected on your application form.